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A Global IT and Technologies Company

Since its inception in the year, INDIAN LOGIX always have one focus to deliver the best to all. And to meet all your provisions it is one-stop solutions for all the marketing needs. With the team of strong marketing expert we always try to put our best foot forward. Our deliberation to work harder makes our team member stronger than ever after. We are glad to announce that we are casing most of the chief search engines.

We always believe in teaching and spreading knowledge, so we make sure that every day is a classroom. It’s our employees who are the real strength of INDIAN LOGIX. Our team is pure gems to us, who work hard and complete the toughest of the projects. Believe in yourself is the key to success and that’s how each one of us work for INDIANLOGIX

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  • Professional Design

    Professional designs are hard to get. Graphic designing is one art through which we express exactly what we visualise on a desktop. Nowadays, as everything is moving to digital platform hand-made scribbles are not something to admire...

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  • Multiple Options

    While creating a website you must be well known of having multiple options. The use of multiple options in a website plays important role as it divides a website into various segments and categories. A lot of content on one single page...

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  • Optimized For Speed

    In this technical era who wants to struggle with a slow and unresponsive website? Neither me nor you but, as the website starts to grow old and a lot of traffic gathers at a website it tends to grow unresponsive over the time and..

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  • Responsive Layout

    INDIAN In a website, the most annoying thing is when the website is creeping to open the desired webpage. Many a times, it is the problem of the server but blaming only the server is also not the right thing. Most of the times...

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  • Great Features

    Indianlogix has been dwelt with the quality features that a company might admire to have. With the growing advancements and technology it has become very much difficult for each one of us to compete with the modern daily changes...

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  • Helpful Support

    For any company or start-up it is very much necessary to have a helpful support at the backend. Because, if a customer trying to reach your company is not able to reach on time he gets out of patience. Thus...

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Our Label in Mapping

Originated just after the invention of laser in 1960s, Lidar is a combination made from using the initials of three words, light detection and ranging. The device can easily calculate distances just by measuring the going and return time of signal strengths. Basically, it is a measure or a survey method that is being used to measure distances between two objects or target with the help of a laser light. Its foremost use is to make the high-resolution maps with its simple applications in all the necessities used for making high-resolution maps like geodesy, geometrics, archaeology, geography, geology, geomorphology, seismology, forestry and etc.


Geographic Information System is also abbreviated as GIS, which is a system designed in a way that it very efficiently captures stores, manipulates, analyses, and manages the geographical data in the nick of time without any complexities. The software works on the concept of spatial data infrastructure which does not have any restrictive boundaries. GIS is brilliant software which very smartly relates even the unrelated information with using its location or other variables like space, time, dates etc. It is one final output of numerous technologies, methods and processes and has been efficiently connected with multiple operations like planning, management, insurance, engineering and telecommunications etc.


Survey is the most common and easiest mode of studies done in our daily lives. The most deliberate part of applied sciences, this study gives the ability to study human researches through individual or group sampling. In this method, data is collected from people through a certain set questionnaire made to know the human thinking on that particular category. The responses being received in the surveys are the accurate and the number of accuracy is generally very high because the collections are straight away collected from the people and from their point of view. However, more measures are being taken to improve the accuracy even more of survey.


This is an unpredictable place of uncertainties and anything can happen anytime either through a natural disaster or a man-made disaster. Rather than panicking at the moment and getting into crisis it always great to have precautionary steps like an emergency response plan. The plan is quite critical and initially can take a few seconds in execution but it can help you to get out of the problem for the time being. With your increasing performance objectives, it should also be consistently improving and prompts employees and residents to choose for the necessary steps to be done while in a crisis, which thus can save the lives of the people.

Emergency Response

Ortho Imagery as the name suggests is an aerial image that can be helped in measuring true distances. Being it an actual representation of the Earth, it shows uniform and geographically corrected image of the surface of the earth. This is most commonly used in software like geographic information system. Earlier, they were used as mechanical devices but now are efficiently used in measuring the distances between the geographical boundaries and operate different line work, text, annotations and signals. To create an accurate ortho imagery a digital elevation model is required that may vary depending on camera sensors and other technicalities.

Ortho Imagery

Our earth is so big that even the satellites don’t seem too visible when sent in the universe. This huge difference can create a lot of difficulties in finding the actual measurements between different geographical boundaries. Thus, to overcome this major issue certain software’s and studies has been developed. Amongst them one is Photogrammetry, and this is the science of finding out actual measurements from the photographs taken of earth and this helps in recovering the exact position of any geographical region on the earth’s surface. It can be measured in 2D and 3D motions likes radar, sonar, lidar etc. to get deeper into the research field.


In this technology connected world nothing is just too difficult to acquire. Now connecting from one place to another is very easy with the help of Flight Services. One can even cross the boundaries of n number of nations in a few hours. This is how our technologies have gone beyond over a limited period of time. Thus, take the maximum benefit of the technology which has been made for your convenience. There are multiple flight services which just not only give you a wonderful experience of staying in air for a time but also, it saves the maximum time of any person.

Flight Services

Put your business on top with Digital Marketing


  • A process to design a website from graze to rank it well on the search engines. Optimizing website also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The process includes using relevant keywords associated with the product, meta tags editing, image tags and all the other technique that ensure to improve and to position your website on the top of the search engine. Some of the highlighted aspects that need to focused are website must a proper domain name, loading speed of the website should be very standard, designing of the website or say structure, use of a fresh and appealing content.. Read More

  • Website ranking points up you that, which is the more popular on the search engine i.e. most searched by the internet user. Most commonly people just look for the first page. And the very first page consists of 10 websites. The search engine places you according to the relevance of your website..Read More

  • Gathering traffic to your website is very important task to get the customers. Good content and alluring website structure can definitely be beneficial to gather the website traffic. Website traffic helps you in selling the products, without this there will be no customers to vend services and products too. You may have the best products with the most affordable price appropriate for the customers also, you may have hired the top agents to sell your products but it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have customers to trade it. The easiest ways to get..Read More

  • To generate the revenue for your business you definitely need to generate leads. Today we are blessed with the numerous online lead generation methods to uphold stable torrent of customers. Some of the most effective way to generate leads for your website is PPC or Pay per Click advertising, a well written content can do wonders for your website and is a great helping hand in taking business ahead. ..Read More

  • Marketing on the internet can be very beneficial for your business. Hopes are very high when you have made a very spectacular website but meanwhile you have also started scratching your head trying to understand how to boost website sales. There are certain key aspects that are highly essential and advantageous for website and it is to increase the sales i.e. don’t forget to generate sales, cluttered and vague site design, weak sales copy, going for wrong traffic, not capturing names. Try following u these characteristic and generate a good website sales..Read More

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Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions without functional solutions.

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